© 2008 NTD Records • 18 tracks • Release date: August 2008

Yep, I admit it: I like 7TH HEAVEN! What band brings in-house a double CD with 30 brand new songs out,
at a price fan-friendly, well-produced and varied, good songs (see "Silver" / 2004). Moreover, when one of the band's mastermind
Richie Hofherr always the feeling that this likeable band always fights hard for a good performance. Now we have 2008 and
7TH HEAVEN honor us with a new Silberling and a new singer. While the band went very clever to work because of the existing
18 songs we know already about half of the past, only they were once again re-recorded and of course with singer Keith Semple on
micro-refined. It must be noted, however, that Keith is on a pleasant, good vote, something his predecessor, however, variable and
powerful acting. But this is a very, if you look at the originals and the New recording sounds in a direct comparison. Despite this fact,
we may say the band's new singer to congratulate election, because the man delivers a very good job. As mentioned, is the half of the
songs to New recording, while the rest are new songs, which also hence more to the voice of Keith Semple tailored. And once again,
this CD is like a small gift, because the band skin so a CD out that one almost as a double CD could sell? Since few of you probably
know this band should: 7TH HEAVEN play a mixture of rock and pop. Technically hardness somewhere between the rock and
Roxette smooth-ironed Def Leppard - always under the motto: Get to the chorus! Whoever wants to drown in melancholy or the
Root abbangen wants here is definitely wrong. Here govern kitsch ballads, sugar-sweet rock songs with plenty of melody and chorus!
Sure, the hard metal is here much too shallow and sticky, but if you have a mild summer evening along the road, comes US-UK
really good! The Silberling recalls the good old '80s, where such music still filled stadiums and grunge-front men are not yet equipped
with weapons of their own pear rumfuchtelten. Even if US-UK a few corners and edges more likely to have, so I like this mix of rock
and pop. Just listen to the extremely schmalzige I GAVE YOU MY WORD purely - or in the gently rocking
THIS SUMMERS GONNA LAST FOREVER. My personal highlight, however, is the addictive ELECTRONIC KARMA. 8.5 points

Medazzarock - Ralph Leuenberger